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We really enjoyed the trail my first time there we will be back in 2 weeks. We love it. The best trails we've been to.

B. Chamberlain

I'll be back in the Spring!!!


I am an active duty military member that just moved to Mechanicsville, MD. Me, my son who is 16, and my wife are all MX and trail riders. I came out and rode at the park yesterday. I had a great time. I would like to frequent your track with my family.


Thanks for having the race last weekend. The course and your facility are great. I got 2nd in open. 


Awesome tracks awesome trails. Me and my buddy's love it.... We keep coming back lol.



"Your kids track is best I've seen in the 4 states I've ridden. Track was obviously not an after thought. It was maintained, very safe set up for non race kids, appropriate sized table tops, and turns were nice and wide (not typical hare-pin of peewee tracks). Having it fenced in to keep big bikes off it was nice too. I'll be heading back there soon."


Good place to go and ride. Nothing really difficult and not over crowded, a good place for practice and honing in on skills without worrying about a lot of other riders on the track like at Budds. Trails are a fun get away too!


Great area, awesome jumps, perfect trails. Must go!


I have had my 2011 Rzr at the park once and I was the only utv there it was a blast and I would love to come back down to play again. And also I would like to take the time to say thank you for providing a safe and well maintained place to ride for the public.

Thank you,


Thanks for talking to us guys about the sponsorship for the Baja 500. We've been traveling around the east coast to tracks and training facilities and telling people how you are our home track and training spot. The time is coming closer to us heading to the race and we are going to be coming by to the track maybe once or twice more before we have to ship our race bikes out for final staging in California.


We were out last weekend and loved your tracks. We enjoyed meeting the staff and my son loved spending time riding with Martin JR, Maya and Mathew. We are looking forward to spending more time at your track and you can count on us to become annual members next year!


Greetings! I had the pleasure of riding the forest trail on my utility ATV last Sunday. The Navy transferred me to southern MD this year, and I was disappointed with the lack of trails. Regards (from a HUGE fan!)


We are so proud to be nominated as one of Motoplayground Magazines "Best Tracks in the United States!!" 

We're even more excited that you supported us and we came in a solid second place in the state of Maryland!!

Thank you so muchfor your support!!

Mike, Beth, Marty, and Jim

Southern Maryland News Net

Riding Dirty January 15, 2015 Hare Scramble

That’s right. That’s what 101 dirt bike riders did on Sunday January 11th. Riders ranging in age from 6 years old (“Pee Wee”) to their late 50’s (“Super Senior”) competed in the annual “Hangover” Hare Scramble Race hosted by the Southern Maryland Dirt Riders at Wicomico Motosports Park in Mechanicsville, MD. Despite over 25 years of experience in dirt bike riding and racing, this was the first race promoted and hosted exclusively by the SMDR club. Several “determined” club members worked for weeks to lay out, cut and mark 5 miles of new, virgin trail through the woods of Wicomico for all the racers enjoyment. No one who entered and competed in this event had ever ridden the race course prior to Sunday; it was a brand new experience for all of the competitors. You name the bike and most likely you could have found it that cold, yet sunny, day there at Wicomico Motorsports Park. Several “Vintage” bikes showed up to race, even 1979 Honda SL 175 was present to impress the spectators and to put other competitors in awe.

Hare Scramble 01112015 098

The weather started out below freezing but soon reached a ”balmy” high in the low 40’s. Even though the race had been postponed from the previous weekend due to rain, racers and their families showed up happy and excited for a full day of racing. Some, such as 1st place “Girls” winner, Shyann Phelps, and 1st place “85cc 12-15” winner, Drew Ford, came from as far away as New Jersey to compete in this annual event. At the end of the two hour race, there were many dirty riders and muddy dirt bikes to be seen. Yet, the riders themselves, through all the grime, had big smiles on their faces and nothing but good things to say about the new race course / trail and their SMDR hosts. The SMDR club President, Chip “2 Slow” Jowett, and the constantly in motion Vice President, Ray “Trail Blazer” Gamache, would like to give special thanks to Mike Long, the owner of the Wicomico Motorsports Park, for making his property available for the race; and also to all the volunteers from FOPWRC and SMDR for all of their hard work and for making this race a big success. The “Hangover” Hare Scramble Race is an annual event that is typically held on the first Sunday of the New Year, and Wicomico Motorsports Park has held the event at their venue for the last five years. The race is also sanctioned by the American Motorcycle Association (AMA) and is a “points” race for all eligible AMA District 7 racers.

By Rita Fox and Chip “team2slow” Jowett





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